How to View and Access Hidden Folders on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Tab S6 Image credits:Android Authority

If you want to see or hide a folder in some smartphones or tabs, you need to root your device, or else you need to depend on some third-party apps. But we see how to View and Access Hidden Folders on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 without any third-party apps or root it.

Hiding Files and Folders in Samsung Devices

All the Samsung devices come with hide private directories and content features. If you are not using this fantastic feature, then you are missing a significant part of the invention. Feature helps to hide personal data, confidential information, photos, and videos.

Here is a process to view and hidden files on Galaxy Tab S6 without third-party apps.

Steps to View and Access Hidden Folders on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Time Required: 8 to 10 Minutes
Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
System: Android 10

Follow these steps with photos. Photos are just for your reference to help you throw out the whole process.

  1. Swipe up from the home screen to open Apps Menu.
    And view all the apps of the device.

    Open Apps Viewer
  2. Go to settings To access the primary storage of the device.

    view access hidden folders galaxy tabs6-settings
    Go To Settings
  3. Select the Device Care and your storage, battery, memory, and security like options.

    Select the Device Care
  4. Go to storage to access the internal directories, and a new screen of main folders or directories for documents, apps, audios, images, and videos will open.

    Select Settings
  5. Select the advance to see additional storage settings of memory usage details and other relevant items.

    Tap on advance settings
  6. Go to files to see all system folders and downloaded files.

    Enable hidden files
  7. Tap on triple-dot on the upper-right corner of the display, and then a pop-menu will open.view access hidden folders galaxy tabs6-quickm
  8. Select a setting from the popup menu, and it will take you to My file settings.
    You will see file settings for various cloud accounts and customize file management settings.view access hidden folders galaxy tabs6-set2
  9. Tap on show hidden files to see the hidden files.
    It will lead to my files screen, and you will see folders having dot before their names.
    These all are hidden files.

    Enable hidden files
  10. You can see each files hidden content by tapping on it.
    Close these files when viewing is complete, and hide it again.view access hidden folders galaxy tabs6-openfold
  11. To hide file again, go to Settings> My Files settings menu> turn off the Show hidden system files.
    All the files with dots before name are hidden state again.

    Diable hidden files

Whenever you want to see hidden folders on Galaxy Tab S6 repeats the same process. It applies to all the Samsung devices with the same android version.

Alternative Options for Hiding Folders

If you need more security of hidden files and folders, then you should use third-party apps. Third-party apps give more security with pin, password, or pattern protection. To encrypt data more securely, you can use professional security tools.

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