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How to Rename an App on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung Tab S6 Image credits:Android Authority

How to Rename an App on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: Experiencing difficulty, or are you confused about How to Rename an app on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6? This article will help you to rename an app on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. This article will also provide you guidelines on how to customize your app icons and name the Home Screen shortcuts as per your choice. Let’s get going.

How to Rename an App on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 

Below steps can also be applied to other Android tablets as well as smartphones. Make clear the setting which you are using in other devices should be running on the same Android version, and they must have the same Nova launcher version. And yes, we will be using Nova Launcher

  • Step-1: Access the apps section by swiping up on the Home screen.

How to Rename an App on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

There are many different shortcuts to getting into the apps section. Moreover, swiping up is default in Samsung devices.

  • Step-2: Find the Play Store and tap on Play Store.

How to Rename an App on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Here we have to download Nova launcher app from the Play store. If you have already installed the launcher in your device, you can simply skip it and go to further steps.

  • Step-3: Now tap on the search bar and type Nova Launcher or Nova.

Type Nova or Nova launcher in the search bar. Hit on the search icon and wait for results.

  • Step-4: Select Nova Launcher and Install it.

Many results will be displayed, Choose the correct Nova launcher (you can see in the above picture and choose that nova launcher). After selecting the right Nova launcher, click on the Install button. 

Installation will get completed soon if you have fast internet, and there is sufficient storage space to allocation new apps.

  • Step-5: After installation, tap on the Open button.

You can simply click on the Open button or go on the Home Screen, and there will be new downloaded apps. Or Go into the Apps section, find Nova launcher and open it.

  • Step-6: Now, to launch Nova Tap on the soft Home key on display.

For launching Nova launcher, you have to select Nova launcher as your device launcher.

For that, Tap on the Home button. There will be two launchers, first System default, and another one Nova launcher. 

  • Step-7: Select Nova Launcher. And tick ‘Just Once.’

How to Rename an App on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Now simply select Nova launcher, and before pressing the okay button, Select Just Once.

Here, use Just Once option because there are chances that you may or may not like the Nova Launcher, so we are using Nova Launcher for a brief period of time. If you like Nova launcher, then set as Always.

  • Step-8: Now to rename an app, Set your S Pen on any app icon for few secs.

How to Rename an App on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Well, here are two methods. If you are using S Pen, then click on the app icon for a few sec. And if you’re using fingertips, then long-press on an app icon.

  • Step-9: Tap on Edit option.

After following the above step with S Pen or without S Pen, there will be a pop-up menu beside the app icon. The pop-up menu is regarding the editing options.

  • Step-10: Tap on the name, backspace it and rename it.

How to Rename an App on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Now you have to select the name and backspace it to change it from the original name. 

  • Step-11: Now, after renaming the name, Press done.

How to Rename an App on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

After backspacing, type the name that you want to change into after typing the name. Press on the done button. Your apps name will renamed to the newest name that you have allocated.

Now you have successfully changed the name of the app on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. Now, you can use the same guidelines to rename other apps too.

If you follow the above steps, then you will be able to rename on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. If you have any doubts about this, please fill free to ask us in the comment section.

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