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How to play Sega Saturn Games on Windows 10

How to play Sega Saturn Games on Windows 10
How to play Sega Saturn Games on Windows 10

How to play Sega Saturn Games on Windows 10: If you are wondering about playing Sega Saturn Games on Windows 10, you might need to have an emulator for the game. An emulator is a type of software that allows your machine to work as a console, i.e., Saturn Console. The Recommended emulator is the BizHawk emulator; it is one of the best choices. 

So, The Sega Saturn is a home gaming console. It was developed and released by Sega in 1994. It is a successor of the previous console, ‘Sega Genesis.’ Saturn is still remembered for many games, including the Panzer Dragon, the Virtua Fighter, and Nights into Dreams. Saturn was considered a failure. It failed to release the game, “Sonix X-treme.” After that it was discontinued in 1998, it sold more than 9 million units worldwide. So how to play Sega Saturn games on your PC using the BizHawk emulator? Here, you will find an easy guide to play Sega Saturn games. Follow this article. So let’s get going.

Play Sega Saturn Games on your PC/Laptop

So, you are here to explore vintage Sega Saturn games from the 90s. But unable to play on your modern gaming PCs and Laptops? You have arrived to the right place as you will find all your answers here on how you can play Sega Saturn games of you PC/Laptop.

Sega Saturn is a console, so to make your PC/Laptop behave as a console, you will need an Emulator. Below is the guide to install the BizHawk emulator.

Installing the BizHawk emulator on Windows 10

How to download BizHwak emulator? Follow the easy guide to install the emulator.

Downloading BizHawk prereq Installer

Step-1: Go to the link and download ‘’  

Step-2: Extract all the files

Step-3: Double click on bizhawk_prereqs.exe.

Step-4: Let the installation finish

Downloading BizHawk

Step-1: Go to BizHawk’s GitHub website and check the download page.

(Use this website,

How to play Sega Saturn Games on Windows 10

Step-2: Click on the latest BizHawk file.

(Always download the latest emulator for your PC/Laptop)

How to play Sega Saturn Games on Windows 10

Step-3: Extract all the downloaded zipped files.

Step-4: Double click on the EmuHawk.exe file.

Step-5: BizHawk emulator will start.

Running a Sega Saturn game using BizHawk.

So, now you have installed the BizHawk emulator, but still, the game won’t run, and you won’t be able to play the game. So to enjoy the Sega Saturn games, you have to set up the BIOS of the emulator. As the software is copyrighted software. It would be best if you imported the BIOS to the emulator using the firmware manager. Without introducing the BIOS setting, you won’t be able to play a game using the emulator. Follow the steps:

Step-1: Double click on the EvuHawk.exe file

Step-2: Click on the file and Click on Open ROM.

Step-3: Locate the EMU folder, then click on the SNES folder.

Step-4: Select the game you want to play and open the .smc file.

Step-5: Now you can play your game and enjoy it

Once the BIOS is set, you can start playing your game. You are provided with many functionalities. You can configure controller options as well as the screen size or resolution. And you can change options as per your requirements. Nothing is mandatory.

After following the above steps of downloading bizhawk prereqs zip file, bizhawk zip file, and after setting your BIOS, you can successfully play Sega Saturn games on Windows.

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