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How To Play Sega Saturn Games On Windows 10


If you are an old school gaming freak and you are missing some classic old games. Then you will definitely recall Sega Saturn. In case you have no detail about the Sega Saturn, it is a popular game from Sega in the late 90s. The Sega Saturn games were created and released in 1994. Then How To Play Sega Saturn Games On Windows 10.

Sega games come with the CD-ROM format, and Game has some amazing contains of arcade plots with original titles. The highly-rated Game discontinued in 1988. It happened because of the commercial failer of the company. Sega Saturn was the last console of Sega in gaming. Some fans want to play Sega Saturn again for the enjoyment.

After the release of Sega Console in the ’90s, there were more than 10 million units sold in 4 years across the world. So a considerable fanbase surely miss this games. For all Sega fans, now you can play Sega Saturn on emulator.

Here is a quick and simple guide to play Sega Saturn on Windows PC. Follow these steps and play 90s amazing Game Sega Saturn on your PC.

Can We Play Sega Saturn Without Console?

YES, you can play without any console. After playing on your laptops or PC, you will not miss gaming console anymore. We will guide you on how to play without the console.

How To Play Sega Saturn Games On Windows 10

Time Needed For Installation: 10-15 mins

You need to download the BizHawk emulator first.

Here are steps to download the BizHawk emulator.

  • First, Go to the BizHawk emulator from your browser.
  • Now, Download the latest BizHawk zipped file link.
  • Extract the zip file in your PC to access the emulator.
  • Now click EmuHawk executable file for installing.
  • And open the BizHawk emulator.

Running Sega Saturn On Your Windows

The software is copyrighted, so any Sega games will not work. You can import the BIOS from the Firmware manager. Without doing the BIOS setup, you are not able to play games.

Every Thing is ready now; you can easily play Sega Saturn Games on Your Windows.

For a console, go to settings and set up buttons according to your control. You can control all the buttons from your keyboard. Still, you will miss a console filling after playing it on Windows.

Sega has also planning to enter in the gaming segment this year.  There might will some fantastic games with old names. If any updates on this, we will let you know.

Enjoy Gaming. In case you have any issues or doubts regarding to this games, let us know about this. We will help you get out of any issue.

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