How To Hide Apps On The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: Step By Step Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy Tab 6

In this post, we will teach how you hide apps on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. Here is a step by step process for doing this.

People hide apps because of the privacy and security problems. People don’t want to allow everyone to their private picture, video, and other content. And another reason is that to hide their confidential document, financial detail, and other relevant data to everyone. Hidden apps will provide you more privacy and security of the device. Although in some phones, you can’t uninstall the preinstall app so you can hide it.

There are so many third-party apps are available on Play Store and App store for hiding apps on your devices. Some times these third-party apps might steal your data and send this data to other servers. So we will teach you how to hide apps on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 without any third-party apps.

There are lots of methods to hide apps from the home screen on Samsung devices, and here is the simplest and step by step tutorial of this process. Remove the app from the home screen and follow these steps.

Steps To Hide Apps On The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Time Required: Less than 5 Minutes

There might be some small changes in the menu and other options because of different variants, software updates, and service providers. If you stuck in between these steps, then images will help you out.

Step 1:
If everything is ready, then, let’s start.
Go to the home screen and swipe up from the bottom of the display.
Then you will see you an app viewer.
In the app viewer, you will see so many app icons and shortcut controls.


Step 2:
Continue in-app viewer, find and tap on the Settings icon.
In settings, you will see all the primary, advance, and multimedia settings of Tab.


Step 3:
Select the display settings.
In the display setting, you will see all brightness, fonts, screen time out, and home screen other some options.


Step 4:
Now, Scroll down and select the home screen on your Tab.
After Clicking on the home screen, a new screen will present, and it will allow you to manage the home screen layout and customization of the screen.


Step 5:
In the home screen menu at the bottom part, there is hide apps option, select this option.
Then a new window of alphabetically grouped apps will open.


Step 6:
Just select, and scroll down to select more apps that you want to hide from the home screen.
You can select as many apps at a time.
All the selected apps will be shown on the upper side in the Hidden apps section.


Step 7:
After selecting all the app, just press Done.
All the selected apps will be disappeared from the Tab.


To hide more apps repeated the same process. To get back all these hidden apps on your home screen, then go to the application manager in a tab.

Device And Android Version

Here, we have used Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 with Android 10.

Hide Apps In Samsung Phones or Tabs. The entire process will be the same with some minor changes. To get back, hidden apps in other devices go to display settings, select the Add Apps to Home screen. Then the Hidden Apps icon will be added to a home screen.

Alternative Way To Hide Apps

The other way is to hide apps is to add them to the security folder.

Security folder will enable the app drawn to folder, default. If you do not see the apps on the menu, then you will not be able to access these apps. Security folder can be accessed from biometric and system security.

That’s all, complete quick guide to Hide Apps.

Stay Tuned For More Updates.