How to Configure Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 to Restart Automatically

Samsung Tab S6 Image credits:Android Authority

In this post, we will learn How to configure Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 to Restart Automatically. What are the benefits of auto-restart? And Why every smart device needs it? This post will help you to change the settings.

How Auto-Restart Feature helps your tablet?

First, we have to understand why smartphone needs restart? All the smartphone and tablets becomes slow after a continuous long term usage. It happens more in smartphones and tabs that stay on for a long time, continuously using mobile data on normal battery life. They are only paused at night when charging and give them pause nighttime is idle.

Some smartphones come with integrated restart features, so your device will auto-start or restart at a scheduled time. Samsung devices are coming with these features, and Samsung is calling it Auto Restart. After using this feature, the performance of your Samsung smartphone and tablets will be improved.

And in case you don’t no idea about this feature, then here is a quick guide to activate auto-restart features on the Galaxy Tab S6.

Steps to Configure Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 to Restart Automatically

Time Required: 5 Minutes
Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
Version: Android 10

  1. Start the tab and open the Apps menu from the home screen.
    You will see so many apps on the app viewer.

    Open App Menu
  2. Open setting, and go to General management settings.

    General management setting
  3. Select the reset, and there will be a new screen Auto-restart list.

  4. Now select the auto-restart and enable auto restart feature for a scheduled restart of your device.enable-auto-restart-galaxy-tabs6-autores
  5. Go to the Schedule and then select the date and time to restart your device automatically.
    Set your comfortable time to restart. We will suggest to set it to night, so when you wake in the morning, everything is set.

    Set Scheduled Time For Auto-restart
  6. Click on done, and it will set as your auto restart time.enable-auto-restart-galaxy-tabs6-done
  7. For a scheduled restart on a particular select a day.
    You can choose between multiple days or just one day to schedule an auto-restart Tab S6.

    Auto Restart On scheduled day

That’s it, after completing the setting, it will be applied immediately. And your tab will auto-restart on scheduled day and time.

If you want to update the setting, do the same procedure.

No Restart Feature?

In case you don’t have an auto-restart feature, then it is purposely done. Suppose you don’t have an auto-restart feature than contact your carrier because, in some cases, they disable the feature. Then there is only a manual restart option is available. The only option is to restart it manually.

In case you any problems in these steps, feel free to ask us. I hope this post is helpful to confiure auto-restart.

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